Monday, March 21, 2011

Clean Energy Centers Arrive to Kibera

I wanted to profile a really neat NGO that is doing some remarkable work in Kibera.
Ok Habitat is partnering to build a "clean energy center" or commonly known a bio-latrine with Umande Trust a local NGO. With running water a major scarcity and a major health concern as far as human waste - these are sanitary toilet facilities which digests human waste to produce gas which in turn is used as a communical kitchen meaning that people don't have to pay for charcoal that is produced by cutting down forests, so not only does it help humans, it helps our environment as well.

Based in Kibera, Umande Trust have built more than 40 bio-centers all over Kenya. For more information, click here, and to contact Umande, or make a donation, check out their site here.

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