Monday, March 8, 2010

Matatu Ride with Mras

Last official day of shooting was Friday. Who did I interview, you ask? Well you don't do a documentary called Matatu Express without doing an interview with a Matatu driver. So that's what we did. We met Mras who has one of the most dangerous jobs in Kibera. He navigates the treacherous roads of Nairobi picking up and dropping off people and cargo all over. He dodges police, people, bandits, and most importantly, other matatus, all in a day's work. We had a great interview and went for a ride in his matatu all along the outskirts of Kibera for some B roll. What can I say? It was fun, and as a bonus, I never once dropped my camera, despite sticking it out the side window to capture people jumping on and off and hanging on for dear life while standing upright out the open side door.
In other news, I am really happy to announce that the Hustlers will be providing the soundtrack for Matatu Express. I think these guys are seriously talented, so I provided a facebook and youtube page for them. I will be adding more content to the pages as time goes on. Now the long and arduous process of editing begins!
Photo above taken by Peter Opudo

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