Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kenya Int'l Film Festival: Re-Cap.

Once again, I've been sidetracked by a number of other projects on the go, so apologies for only being able to re-cap on the Kenyan Premiere of Matatu Express. Unfortunately I was not able to attend, but I'm very happy to report that my brother John Hogan was able to, along with Peter Opudo, my guide and Still Photographer for Matatu. Both of them were invaluable in getting the film completed, so I'm really thrilled they were able to make it to the premiere. By all accounts, the audience apparently loved the film, and clapped at the end, which is all I could have hoped for!

Someone in the audience reached out to me about a week after seeing my film in Nairobi. Her name is Simone Bazos, and she is a filmmaker working on a documentary profiling Pamoja FM, one of the great organizations profiled in Matatu. The movie is called The United States of Kibera - check out her site here, and the trailer below to learn more about it, and go here if you think you'd like to help out with a donation. Remember these are stories that need to be told, and it's tough going for indy filmmakers so dig deep, and keep spreading the word about Kibera!

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