Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Private Life of Giraffes

My brother and I took a road trip to Lake Naivasha, where we took my niece sailing. It was great to get out of the city for a change, and it was a beautiful day, although the weather almost looked like it was going to take a turn for the worse a couple of times. I grew up sailing and retain a deep fondness for it. There is nothing like the feeling of leaving the world behind and escaping to the serenity of the wind carrying you into the calmness of deep blue water. Try as I might, I have never been able to capture that same kind of peace on land. On the way back, we ran into a few giraffes making their way to happy hour, or whatever it is that giraffes do. I've always been suspicious of giraffes. But in a good way. Like, they know something I don't and they're having a private joke amongst themselves. Kind of like squirrels - although I've never trusted those things. Have you ever looked a squirrel in the eye? It's scary, believe me. Anyhow, after driving back through a very curvy road filled with trucks, matatus and several near misses, we made it back to Nairobi in one piece. I had an early evening meeting with somebody who had several contacts with youth agencies in Kibera. The meeting was a good one, and was followed by a delicious dinner cooked by my very culinary gifted brother. More meetings scheduled this week...

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