Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pre-Trip Heebeegeebies

I've decided to start this blog to chart my progress to work on my next documentary film.
The working title is "Matatu Express". It tells the story of several young people's lives in Kibera,
one of Africa's largest slums just outside Nairobi, Kenya.
A Matatu is a mini-bus taxi that ferries people to and from work. This is the working idea for the film, but as I learned in my previous film "Sketched Out", I am anticipating the idea may evolve in some capacity.
I leave in 3 days time, and although this will be my fourth trip to Kenya, but when people ask me if I am "excited" to be going, I am truthfully filled with anxiety. Am I right in making this decision a go? Will the film be a success? Will I remember to pack my toothbrush? Only time will tell! In the meantime all I can do is plan, compile and follow checklists for my pre-trip prepping, make my flights on time (I have 3 connecting flights to make!), hope for the best, and of course, remember to pack my toothbrush!

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  1. You WILL be successful. You ARE doing the right thing. I KNOW it will be amazing! You're off to a good start already!